Another project wraps up.

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This was the end result of building 2 rental casitas and Hacienda style entrance and carport

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A longterm project draws to a close.

This reno of a Centro home, involved new plumbing, electric, moving a kitchen, twinning the bathrooms building walls and a whole lot more, all on a very tight budget. We added antiqued concrete floors with pasta insets and the final touch was putting it all back together and polishing the floors.


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Modern alternatives to block buildings

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Anyone familiar with construction techniques in the Yucatan or other parts of Mexico, has seen the familiar block buildings. Block is easy to work with and makes a reasonably strong structure, if several variables are taken into consideration. A block structure is only as strong, as the mortar bonding the blocks together and the traditional Viga and Bovedilla roofs are extremely heavy. The other main issue with block construction is heat transfer, as typical block buildings here, do not have any insulation. I have done some testing with a laser temperature gun. On average a block wall facing the Yucatan sun, is approximately 4 degrees C warmer, than a wall not in the sun. That is a very large difference, if you are using A/C in the evening to cool a bedroom. Not only does the A/C have to overcome the ambient air temperature, but it also has to counter the effects of the Blocks radiating heat into the room.

There are more modern alternatives to block buildings and one of them is structural panels. Structural panels are an interlinked welded zigzag of wire, supporting a styrofoam core. These types of panels have been used for constructing multi story hotels and are hurricane resistant, they are that strong.

Some of the benefits of these types of panels is they are light weight, facilitate a faster build, but also very important is they insulate due to the styrofoam core. The panels come in various thicknesses and sizes, so that they can load a second or more stories or just be the wall for a simple single story home. Structural panels also come especially formed to be roof panels, so the suns energy is not easily transferred to the inside of your home. This also means cool air from your A/C unit does not strike a sun heated surface and warm up. It is the house version of a styrofoam cooler.

We have been working on several projects with the manufacturers tech advisor, using these structural panels.. This has offered our clients a lightweight and insulated option for the addition of second stories, as well as the option to build entirely out of the panels for a thermally efficient home.

Just a few of our works in progress.

People often ask us, why we don’t post more, pictures of our projects. The truth of the matter is, we are so busy we simply forget. We also know people like to view projects, to get ideas for their own.

Final outdoor details for a home in Yobain.                                 Centro reno

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New perimeter wall prior to house build.                                   Addition of arches and new balustrade


New second story master addition                                                Totally reno’d kitchen

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.21.17 AMScreen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.19.33 AM


Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.20.19 AMScreen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.19.09 AM


Specialty concrete polisher for counters                                                         Island after polishing
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An unsolicited email

Normally we don’t post testimonials, as it is common to post nice comments from friends or just make them up. But this is direct from customers we worked for, renovating a house, including putting a pool on the roof, all via long distance emails. The project is discussed here

Morning Steve

I tried to post on your website but couldn’t.  Thought you could cut and paste this.

We would like to thank Steve and Fernando and the whole crew for the amazing job they have done.  The thought of renovating in a foreign country was a daunting one.  We had a vision and they managed to accomplish it and more. We are thrilled with the workmanship, help and generosity that we received from them.  The constant updates and communication enabled us to feel assured that things were going to be completed as we wanted.  After seeing the final result we were even more impressed. Thanks guys.

Dave and Elaine

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Technical challenges are our specialty.

There are lots of different types of construction and a lot of different construction companies. At Aerocretos de Mexico, we love a challenge. Lets be honest, just about anyone can put up a wall around a yard. But, can that same company, engineer a complex structural repair? Most can’t and most renovations require this combination of experience and technical expertise. Recently, we were approached to rebuild a very large historical home, that needed some serious help. Beautiful arches and columns that were holding up a rather large and heavy terrace, were in need of serious help. The problem is obvious in this picture.


The column where it met the arch had crumbled and the rebar rusted away. That in itself is not a small issue, but all the columns (7) had the same issues. So the problem now became how to fix the columns, without the arches collapsing under the weight of the terrace they were supporting. Added to that, the arches themselves in some places were cracking. You have to remember this was not block construction but mamposteria construction, which is rock and cement with a facing of cement mortar/stucco. Move the wrong stone and down she comes.

We had our staff engineer come up with a plan and then set the plan in motion. First step was to control any possible movement of the second story. So it was supported from underneath, with extremely strong sapote wood posts. Then we saved the hard to replace old pasta tile, as it was removed and new reinforce footings placed adjacent to old columns without disturbing the existing ones.



One by one, columns were replaced from the top down, not from the bottom up.


You have to remember this is a difficult restoration, not a knock down and recreation, using modern materials. The crew has to know stone construction, in addition to modern techniques and materials


Time and constant attention to detail, along with superior technical knowledge and qualified crews all combine to give superior results.

20151110_114246_resized   20151110_114235_resized


Once the rest of the surfacing is complete the building will be painted to reflect the colonial feel.  Along with a full renovation of all the interior surfaces and structure, we are adding all the modern touches like grounded and colour coded wiring, pressure water, all new custom windows, to fill the arches and a whole lot more. This building will be stunning!

Another reno done, with new second story.

This is what happens when you have a good primary structure and a little imagination. This 1 story house that needed updating, gained a second story with master bedroom, bath and large sitting area. A beautiful staircase was added, trimmed in Talavera tile. The kitchen and bathrooms were revamped and the pool area had a total makeover complete with BBQ area. The pictures will tell the rest of the story.

Front and back before

P1020701 P1020710

Front and back after

IMG_0915 pool 045

Stairs for second story


stair 007 stair 034

Kitchen layout

Kitchen 001Kitchen 032

Entertainment center

Entertainment center 1 Enterainment Center 006

New Master Bath

MB 026 MB 024

Custom mosaic headboard

079.4 feature wall masterwall 008

New entrance centered to match arch




New front door   IMG_0217


Pool revamp and redesign


P1020710pool 045 pool 003pool 031

Our latest small projects being completed

10982309_1402163370088852_5717507028473510630_nRemember, the creativity displayed in a project, is only limited by your imagination, this customer wanted a cool custom TV display area. These concrete cabinets, will hold a variety of articles including stereo and surround sound equipment. All with custom inset LED lighting.

Custom welded stair railings were the order of the day for these folks as the grandkids were coming down.


New pool, stamped concrete terrace  and total top to bottom house reno here, complete with all new kitchen tiling and cabinets.10959819_1402163583422164_4385901279738135797_n   00ae1c222cd3c8ceb6e071049e1757a47033e6cdd69fa1aa4fc97ac6b77912d4

Looking for a kitchen make over?

We just finished a complete home remodel, featuring these beautiful custom made cabinets

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Why does painting a house cost so much?

Exterior paint, takes a beating in the Yucatan. The sun breaks down the pigments and binding agents over time and the paint begins to chalk and flake. If you are at the beach, the salt air and sand are even harder on the paint and it does not last as long as house paint in Merida. I am currently having my own house at the beach painted and it is not a quick process if you want it done right, so that it will last. It is not a matter of a quick scrape and slapping on some paint.

First the exterior has to be washed with a good powerwasher. This will strip any flaking paint and dislodge any loose finish. The areas of loose finish, then need to be chipped away, to get to a solid surface, making sure the underlying material is sound.

IMG_3067This area then has to be prepped and resurfaced. We use a special bonding agent to make sure the new cement bonds to the old.


All to often what seems like a small crack ends up like this and of course it takes time to repair properly and time is money.  The whole house has be washed and repaired, then a sealer coat is put on. But this has to be done in sections to make sure the salt air does not get on the old surface again before you paint. The sealer does 2 things, obviously it seals the old and new surfaces, but it also acts as a bonding agent between new and old paint. Only now, can you put on the first coat of paint and it usually takes at least 2 coats, to get a good solid coverage. 1 man working on a small house, will take almost 2 weeks to do it properly, depending on repairs needed and the complexity of the colour scheme and house design. Then of course there is the cost of all materials required and paint is not cheap. Now you know why quotes for painting vary so much. There is quick and cheap or there is doing it right, which costs a lot more, but lasts longer.

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