Technical challenges are our specialty.

There are lots of different types of construction and a lot of different construction companies. At Aerocretos de Mexico, we love a challenge. Lets be honest, just about anyone can put up a wall around a yard. But, can that same company, engineer a complex structural repair? Most can’t and most renovations require this combination of experience and technical expertise. Recently, we were approached to rebuild a very large historical home, that needed some serious help. Beautiful arches and columns that were holding up a rather large and heavy terrace, were in need of serious help. The problem is obvious in this picture.


The column where it met the arch had crumbled and the rebar rusted away. That in itself is not a small issue, but all the columns (7) had the same issues. So the problem now became how to fix the columns, without the arches collapsing under the weight of the terrace they were supporting. Added to that, the arches themselves in some places were cracking. You have to remember this was not block construction but mamposteria construction, which is rock and cement with a facing of cement mortar/stucco. Move the wrong stone and down she comes.

We had our staff engineer come up with a plan and then set the plan in motion. First step was to control any possible movement of the second story. So it was supported from underneath, with extremely strong sapote wood posts. Then we saved the hard to replace old pasta tile, as it was removed and new reinforce footings placed adjacent to old columns without disturbing the existing ones.



One by one, columns were replaced from the top down, not from the bottom up.


You have to remember this is a difficult restoration, not a knock down and recreation, using modern materials. The crew has to know stone construction, in addition to modern techniques and materials


Time and constant attention to detail, along with superior technical knowledge and qualified crews all combine to give superior results.

20151110_114246_resized   20151110_114235_resized


Once the rest of the surfacing is complete the building will be painted to reflect the colonial feel.  Along with a full renovation of all the interior surfaces and structure, we are adding all the modern touches like grounded and colour coded wiring, pressure water, all new custom windows, to fill the arches and a whole lot more. This building will be stunning!

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  1. Paul Wilkins says:

    Does Aerocretos generally work with a particular architect or designer now ? Congrats on your good work shown above !

  2. James Moe says:

    Great endorsement loved reading the article

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