Pool Plaster Issues

One of the complaints companies that build pools get after a period of time is, “The pool plaster YOU GUYS put on is failing”. People like to blame the builder, when in reality it is beyond our control and is usually the fault of the pool maintainer. Pool surfaces or plasters are made of a cementitious mix and part of that mix is Calcium Hydroxide. Calcium hydroxide (traditionally called slaked lime) is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Ca(OH)2. It is a colorless crystal or white powder ..

Calcium hydroxide is one of the main reaction products resulting from the hydration of Portland cement with water. Calcium hydroxide, is susceptible to acid leaching. This is where things get complicated, Pool water is often treated with chlorine to correct the PH level, but more importantly pool tablets which contain Cyanuric Acid. Cyanuric (CYA) is a pool balancing product used to help chlorine last longer. Chlorine, in its natural form, is unstabilized—which means it degrades when exposed to sunlight. Adding Cyanuric Acid reduces the sun’s impact on chlorine loss. A lot of pool shock products also contain Sodium Dichlor: Dichlor for short, is stabilized pool shock, meaning it contains Cyanuric Acid to protect your chlorine against degradation from the sun. However, Acid is heavier than water and will sink to the bottom. This is part of the reason why dilution is so important; pre-dilution reduces the average density of the acid.

A typical situation like this occurs, during the regular season the pool is kept balanced with the addition of an acid. But at some times of the year an algae bloom can occur. The typical response is to add a few more Chlorine pucks to the float to try and stop the algae and most likely get some pool shock to rapidly raise the chlorine level and kill the algae that way. But in doing so you are raising the cyuranic acid levels as well. The other critical issue is the shock pellets have to be completely disolved in a bucket of water first before adding them to the pool, failure to do this will have severe consequences, as I will explain.

It is extremely common for discoloration and leaching of Calcium Hydroxide to occur on the top step of a plastered pool. You may wonder why but the answer is simple and it lies with your pool float. If you leave the float to just float free a lot of times it gets stuck in a corner, being in a corner is not bad thing, unless that corner happens to be the area of the top step of your pool. If the pool float sits in a corner just above the step as the pool pucks degrade they release cyanuric acid, since acid is heavier than water this acid will leach the Calcium Hydroxide out of the plaster leaving a rough surface with pitting. Pitting while small, is a big problem it allows water to carry the cyuranic acid into the plaster it self, leaching out more Calcium Hydroxide and can also introduce chlorine which is a powerful oxidizer to metals under the plasters surface which will cause rapid corrosion of most metals.

If we introduce shock into a pool to stop algae growth and there are some grains of shock that are not dissolved, they naturally settle on the bottom, and dissolve over time, but meanwhile they release cyuranic acid in close contact with the plasters surface. Once again the cement reacts with the acid and the Calcium Hydroxide is leached out of the pool plaster, leaving a tiny pinhole, and a very rough patch, which allows further corrosion over time. Very typically you will see a small quarter sized area of discoloration but eventually that area will show a small pinhole in the center. The more undissolved shock granules the more spots appear blending together and if the shock process is repeated every so often the leaching of the Calcium Hydroxide in those pinholes gets worse. Eventually allowing the pool water under the plaster layer.

When pool water gets below the plaster layer several things may occur. It may cause spalling and lifting of small areas of plaster that will get larger with time. The pool may show signs of rust on areas of the finish, due to the oxidizing effect of the chlorine leaching into the pools subsurface over a length of time.This process can easily occur within just a few years.

The first place you should look for discoloration and issues is that top step as it is an indicator of issues to come. But the most important thing to remember is pool tablets contain acid and your pool is also balanced with acid, too much acid is not a good thing nor is over chlorination of a pool. Pool shock granules have to be completely liquefied prior to putting them in the pool, one whole grain can ruin a small portion of your pool’s finish resulting in a cascade effect with time.

This started out as a pinprick and grew

Upper right is small pinhole, center is about 1 years progression
Area of discoloration with pinhole from Shock granule allowed to rest till disolved
Pinholes from shock after 6 months.
Top step damaged from pool float and cyanuric acid release.

Need a cool refreshing pool?

We just completed this pool in Merida as part of a much larger renovation project. Having built well over 100 pools in the Yucatan we have the experience to build yours. Give us a call for a quote

One of our latest pools

With over 80 pools built, we have the experience and skill, to build yours. This pool and deck combo was designed for lap swimming and included a wading area for smaller children, plus the massive deck and soon to be added glass railing to preserve the ocean view.

20170106_115659_resized 20170106_115702_resized-copy 20170106_120552_resized-copy 20170106_120606_resized-copy 20170106_120608_resized-copy


Another custom pool finished and several in the design stage.

From the initial design for a full bar BBQ and pool, with water cascade to the end result, we do it all. Have a rough idea of what you want? Give us a call and we can smooth out all the wrinkles for you, like the happy owners of this new pool and outdoor kitchen/bar, complete with custom tile and large stamped concrete Terrace and for a lot less money than you might think.



Another fun project draws to a close.

This, was one of those projects you don’t want to see end. The project itself was complex, but the customers were very cool to deal with. It is great when the customer gives you some leeway and goes with the flow. The end result is a very cool traditional looking home, with a slightly modern twist. The house to start with was good and solid, but all the systems needed modernizing. The whole house was re wired and modified for modern fittings like Air conditioning and proper grounding. Pressure water system was added and all new plumbing. The newly created second bathroom even has a jacuzzi tub. But the big challenge was putting in a pool. We build pools all the time, but in this case there was no yard to speak of, so we put it on the roof, along with raised walls and a cool bar. Inside the house everything was refreshed or renewed even antique screen doors were repaired and made to match.

.Original roof topIMG_3194

A structural engineer was brought in and he provided a report on the way the rebar needed to be laid out and the concrete poured


The end result is an awesome rooftop pool and bar area, the bar will have a hardwood pergola shortly.


Meanwhile the completely revamped interior was done in very traditional talavera. It requires a certain skill to lay talavera, as each tile is handmade and they vary in thickness and also in width, so making it all seem level and flat takes a lot of work. Even then it is never perfectly flat. Even the bathroom was given a traditional look.20150625_094917

Antique screen doors needed serious help too, so they were rebuilt.


From one of our customers





Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to  aerocretos de mexico for constructing my beautiful pool and patio in Chuburna Puerto.


This is the icing on the cake of a 3-4 year long dream. The professional approach,attention to detail and world class quality workmanship is second to none. If you are considering putting in a pool or patio do not hesitate to have them do it for you. Excellent and prompt communication from start to finish and even post job follow up will ensure your satisfaction. Thanks again  for a job well done!11138157_10153175649851358_7715112023425792141_n

May look like rubble and rock, but!!!

It is the beginning of a pool, terrace and new Baño for our customer.




la foto 3

la foto 2

la foto 4

Bullpen Restaurant in Chelem has a new pool

When Jill and Martin, owners of  El Bullpen in Chelem, decided it was time for a new pool at their hotel/restaurant, they knew there was really only one choice for professional work. Naturally they called us, Aerocretos de Mexico, for quality, service and price.



Another pool finished

Another nice, bright and refreshing pool with water cascade, just got finished in Merida Centro, complete with storage bodega and new terrace.
cool and fresh

A customers photo, wow does this look good!

We raised the level of this pool, refinished it, added filtration, water feature, Talavera tile and a whole bunch more. But that was a few months ago. Today, the client sent us this picture of the pool, now with all the plants and pots added. WOW! it is even better than before and that was pretty good.

pool & garden

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