Why a rock pool is a better choice

When you are getting quotes for pool construction make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Block is fine for smaller dipping pools, but if you are building a larger pool, at the beach, rock is better.

Rock is also more labor-intensive. As you can see in the first photo, block has parallel lines of mortar which can create a place for the pool to fail over time, especially with large volumes of water and its pressure.

pool blocks
Pool being built with block

Rock on the other hand is non linear and is structurally stronger as it is not hollow. Notice on the rock-constructed pool below how the rebar reinforces the wall, which is not common in a block pool. So if you have a small dipping pool on a solid surface like in Merida, block is fine. If you are building on sand at the beach, block may be an issue in the future.

Rock-built pool
Pool being built with rebar and rock

Not all pools or pool construction quotes are apples to apples, so read the specifications carefully.

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