Should you install pressurized water?

Lots of people ask our opinion on the benefit of pressurized water systems. Well this is my honest opinion. We as Canadians or Americans have certain expectations based on our general living conditions and try to duplicate those conditions wherever we are. I think is a mistake.

We may want pressure water, but that may not be the best option. Pressurized systems can use a lot of water and if you are not paying attention to your rate of consumption, it is easy to drain a typical cisterna. Now taking in to consideration that the city water delivery systems here do not deliver high volumes, nor high pressure and you can easily find your self behind the city’s ability to feed your demand. Plus pressure systems need and use electricity, which is expensive.

We have a fully pressurized house, but to be honest we shut the pump off and only turn it back on when it is needed, which really is never.



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