New build or total renovation

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No matter, whether you are building a new beach house or renovating a classic colonial in Merida’s Centro district. We can assist to in doing it right. We build in both locations and know the specific techniques required to build properly, in both city and beach. We are happy to work with your architects plans or we can assist you to have your dream home, designed or remodelled from the ground up, We have taken on staff Ana Burgos. Ana is a an experienced, architect designer, who can capture your ideas and thoughts and make your dreams a functional reality.

Se solicita estudiante o pasante de Arquitecto o Ingeniero

A fantastic day outing, while we build your dream.

Customers often ask us what they can do, when they visit the Yucatan, other than visit their house or reno under construction. While there are lots of cenotes and very interesting villages to visit and Merida to explore. There is also a really great day on the water, for those into fishing or looking for a fantastic family outing. Our friend Randy Bowser,  runs Progreso Fishing Tours ( he is a pro at fishing for the local sea trout in the area and of course the Snook, Barracuda and Tarpon that are in the local waters as well. He follows a strict catch and release program, except for a select few direct for the table. So sustainable fishing is his priority, as it should be for all fishermen. So, if you are looking for a great day on the water, this is the place and he is the guy. I have fished for years, but Randy’s fishing knowledge and technique is second to none and his customers see the results. He has invested in a brand new boat, which is perfect for his chosen waters and is sponsored by Okuma, so you know you are using world class gear. But one word of caution, book early or be dissapointed. Oh and I forgot to mention he has really cool T-shirts too.


How to dial in Mexico: “¿Amigo, do you have to make a call?” V 2.0

We often get asked how to place long distant calls, well these folks have taken the time to do a flow chart explaining it all.

Casa Piña SMA



  • 4:3 aspect ratio, 11″ x 8 1/2″ paper-friendly
  • Added 045 branch to call long distance from a landline to a mobile in Mexico
  • Accommodated for large urban centres with two-digit area codes and 8-digit local numbers
  • Gave Pineapple a voice

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Another project draws to a close

We are down to the final details on a second story addition. Custon french balcony doors, in hurricane resistant laminated  glass. All windows are extra thick 12 mm  tinted glass, LED lighting throughout, Chikum finish in the bathroom. Polished concrete counters and floor. Paint is going on and the bathroom is awaiting the paint trim as well.

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One of our latest pools

With over 80 pools built, we have the experience and skill, to build yours. This pool and deck combo was designed for lap swimming and included a wading area for smaller children, plus the massive deck and soon to be added glass railing to preserve the ocean view.

20170106_115659_resized 20170106_115702_resized-copy 20170106_120552_resized-copy 20170106_120606_resized-copy 20170106_120608_resized-copy


Another Covintec house going up.

A new house underway, with Covintec structural panels. Insulation, sound damping and hurricane proof.

img-20161229-wa0000 img-20161229-wa0001 img-20161229-wa0002 img-20161229-wa0003

To all our customers and friends


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