Pre-purchase inspections

We have been doing dedicated home inspections since 2012, as part of our regular construction business. Its that time of the year again, when prospective buyers come to the Yucatan, looking for their dream home. Construction methods here are different than those used in Canada or the States, so you need a specialist eyes, to see what needs to be fixed and of course factor that into the purchase agreement. I am going to start out by saying, no one can see through concrete. But skilled eyes can see little details, that may be a clue to future issues. Buying a house is a big investment and no matter where you are buying, there are things the buyer needs to be aware of. Here in the Yucatan, it is no different, except of course there are no building inspectors or building codes. That is why it is important to have an inspection. Protect your money and have a little peace of mind. Little things that you may not see or perhaps think are trivial, may not be and could be expensive to repair. A pre-purchase inspection should be the final basis for your purchase offer, as repair costs need to be factored in. Most homes no matter where they are need some work, and common things like cracks in the corner columns, should not be deal breakers. They are a fact of life in concrete homes, but at the same time you need to have a cost associated to repair them properly.  But let say you didn’t see the cracks or maybe the seller did a quick fix prior to selling. That is where experienced eyes can help you avoid a mistake. There are so many areas that need a proper inspection and electrical is just one area. Does the house have 220V, is it properly grounded and no, driving a 2 foot piece of rod into sand does not ground a house. How about the plumbing? Are you planning on adding pressure pumps? Can the existing piping handle the pressure. The list goes on of things to look at and areas that can be of concern. But like I said, it is your money to lose. A Real estate agent may point out areas of concern, but they cannot be expected to be experts in Yucatan construction methods. This is where an independent inspection by professionals, with the right tools is the smart choice.

We charge 1800 pesos for an inspection in our local area and it comes with a full written report with pictures of the issues we find. That is actually cheap compared to the time required, but obviously we would like to get the repair work, if it needs any. The one thing we can’t do however is see into the concrete or do any destructive testing. But you get a professional opinion, from experienced builders  with years of experience in Yucatecan construction methods. Since we are hired by the buyer, you as the buyer get our honest professional opinion and a good idea of the costs involved to correct any issues found.

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