Another project draws to a close

We are down to the final details on a second story addition. Custon french balcony doors, in hurricane resistant laminated  glass. All windows are extra thick 12 mm  tinted glass, LED lighting throughout, Chikum finish in the bathroom. Polished concrete counters and floor. Paint is going on and the bathroom is awaiting the paint trim as well.

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One of our latest pools

With over 80 pools built, we have the experience and skill, to build yours. This pool and deck combo was designed for lap swimming and included a wading area for smaller children, plus the massive deck and soon to be added glass railing to preserve the ocean view.

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Another Covintec house going up.

A new house underway, with Covintec structural panels. Insulation, sound damping and hurricane proof.

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To all our customers and friends


WOW, I couldn’t believe it a 13.1 degree difference.

Today I decided to do a test, to check the efficiency of a 2 inch covintec panel in the real world vs the sales pitch. I already knew it was good but never expected this.

I had the time to do a test, with a laser temperature to gun, to check the efficiency of the covintec panels in direct sun. The wall in question is my west wall, so it gets the afternoon sun but not all day sun. I knew the panels are good but never expected this. The sun had set by maybe 10 minutes and the ambient air temp was 25 degress C. Outside wall temperature with the gun on bare mortar  wall 37.7 deg C.  Same spot on inside wall 24.6 a whopping 13.1 degree difference, that is a lot less energy required to cool a room, if you are using Air-conditioners. This is with a 2 inch Covintec wall panel. The roof is 4 inches so should even be better in the full sun all day.

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Mortar, machine spraying vs hand flicking.

If you drive into any small town in the yucatan, you will see the traditional block and mortar homes. You will also see the traditional methods of applying mortar to the surface. The abaniles flick the mortar, with varing degrees of accuracy, to make it stick to the target surface. This is not the fastest method of applying mortar, but it is the best method, if you are applying by hand. However, when we build with Covintec panels, we build much faster than standard block. So it makes no sense to build the walls of a house fast, then slow down while the mortar is flicked by hand onto the walls. We are speeding up the process, by applying the mortar via compressed air guns and soon by way of a mortar pump, so that it applies it continiously. You might be asking who cares, but this is important. The mortar guns apply the mortar at 95 psi, which gives a good compaction to the mortar, making it air tight and dense. This means strength, this is in part what makes a Covintec panel house hurricane proof. It also means we can add various additives to the mortar and apply them rapidly, as some of the corrosion inhibitors cause mortar to harden, faster than you can manually throw it. The mortar guns can spray the mortar as fast as you can mix it. If you are flicking it manually, it has to be mixed in small batches and water added to stop it from hardening. Adding water is a big problem as it changes the actual mix ratio, causing problems later. The more water in any cement product and the weaker the strength of the product. The other issue is wasteage. Mortar is not cheap and you want to make sure it stays on the wall.

Note in the videos, how little falls to the ground, this is a function of the speed of being shot from the guns.


New Covintec systems projects underway

We have several projects ongoing that are using COVINTEC panels, with several much larger projects in the works. Once the footings with reinforced attachments are place the builds progress rapidly. The Plumbers and electricians love working with, it as it make running all the tubing simple and fast. Once up it is hurricane proof , insulated, and sound damped. Plus all our panels are custom ordered in Galvanize wire and anticorrosive admixtures are added to a the cement and mortar, so there is never an issue with corrosion.

We have full factory support, with Covintec Engineers and tech reps on site, during the initial build.

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