One of our latest pools

With over 80 pools built, we have the experience and skill, to build yours. This pool and deck combo was designed for lap swimming and included a wading area for smaller children, plus the massive deck and soon to be added glass railing to preserve the ocean view.

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Just a few of our works in progress.

People often ask us, why we don’t post more, pictures of our projects. The truth of the matter is, we are so busy we simply forget. We also know people like to view projects, to get ideas for their own.

Final outdoor details for a home in Yobain.                                 Centro reno

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New perimeter wall prior to house build.                                   Addition of arches and new balustrade


New second story master addition                                                Totally reno’d kitchen

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Specialty concrete polisher for counters                                                         Island after polishing
Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.19.50 AM  IMG-20160220-WA0000_resized

Another custom pool finished and several in the design stage.

From the initial design for a full bar BBQ and pool, with water cascade to the end result, we do it all. Have a rough idea of what you want? Give us a call and we can smooth out all the wrinkles for you, like the happy owners of this new pool and outdoor kitchen/bar, complete with custom tile and large stamped concrete Terrace and for a lot less money than you might think.



Another fun project draws to a close.

This, was one of those projects you don’t want to see end. The project itself was complex, but the customers were very cool to deal with. It is great when the customer gives you some leeway and goes with the flow. The end result is a very cool traditional looking home, with a slightly modern twist. The house to start with was good and solid, but all the systems needed modernizing. The whole house was re wired and modified for modern fittings like Air conditioning and proper grounding. Pressure water system was added and all new plumbing. The newly created second bathroom even has a jacuzzi tub. But the big challenge was putting in a pool. We build pools all the time, but in this case there was no yard to speak of, so we put it on the roof, along with raised walls and a cool bar. Inside the house everything was refreshed or renewed even antique screen doors were repaired and made to match.

.Original roof topIMG_3194

A structural engineer was brought in and he provided a report on the way the rebar needed to be laid out and the concrete poured


The end result is an awesome rooftop pool and bar area, the bar will have a hardwood pergola shortly.


Meanwhile the completely revamped interior was done in very traditional talavera. It requires a certain skill to lay talavera, as each tile is handmade and they vary in thickness and also in width, so making it all seem level and flat takes a lot of work. Even then it is never perfectly flat. Even the bathroom was given a traditional look.20150625_094917

Antique screen doors needed serious help too, so they were rebuilt.


May look like rubble and rock, but!!!

It is the beginning of a pool, terrace and new Baño for our customer.




la foto 3

la foto 2

la foto 4

Another pool finished

Another nice, bright and refreshing pool with water cascade, just got finished in Merida Centro, complete with storage bodega and new terrace.
cool and fresh

A customers photo, wow does this look good!

We raised the level of this pool, refinished it, added filtration, water feature, Talavera tile and a whole bunch more. But that was a few months ago. Today, the client sent us this picture of the pool, now with all the plants and pots added. WOW! it is even better than before and that was pretty good.

pool & garden

The outdoor kitchen or BBQ

IMG_0692When planning for your new house or renovating an older one, start to think TROPICS.

It is usually very warm to hot here in the Yucatan and it is also humid, as a result the last thing you want to do, is make it hotter in your house or add more moisture. Since Propane stoves give off water vapour as part of the combustion process, as well as a lot of heat, a better idea is to cook outside if possible..

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From my experience, visitors are often more comfortable pitching in to BBQ, rather than taking over in the kitchen, so put them at ease and enjoy what they can bring to your table.


The outdoor kitchen, if combined with a terrace, also makes a great place to socialized and serve dinner in the cool air. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just functional. You can use propane or a charcoal grill and in addition all you need is a prep area and maybe a sink to wash up.

Talavera tile and propane BBQ
Talavera tile and propane BBQ
Beach food at its best

Beach food at its best

Terraces, thinking outside of the box

When we use the word patio or terrace, we usually think of ground level areas, in front of or behind a house. But in the Yucatan most houses also have a large flat area on the roof. This roof top area is perfect for a terrace. Being higher in elevation means it gets more of the breeze to keep you cool. The other bonus of using your roof, is that you still have ground level property to build a pool or other features. All you need is a simple set of stairs and some form of railing or balustrade to keep guest from falling off. Add a shade palapa and you are all set to sit in the shade and enjoy the breeze.

Our latest terrace design

Although living at the beach has its benefits, there is one drawback. Sand gets everywhere, especially if you have sand next to a pool area. Pools are magnets for sand, which makes the pool hard to keep clean and is hard on pool cleaning equipment as well. Our latest terrace was designed to keep the sand out, while providing an area for lounging. The terrace is finished in Roman Slate stamped concrete with contrasting highlights. A pool side stone wall blends into the terrace area and functions as a sand trap and wind break. The end result is a nice combination of utility and protection combined with a stunning look.

Checking the first slab

Checking the first slab

Getting it right

Getting it right

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