Scammer alert

This happened around the 23 of October in the Chelem / Chuburna area of the Yucatan. Earlier in the day, Fernando was at this clients house and they wanted some aluminum work. He told them he would contact the Aluminero and have him come to the house. Later in the day this guy knocks on the door and the client thinking it was the Aluminero asked if Fernando had sent him. He said he was the aluminero and they showed him the job. He played the part of an aluminum worker and then told the clients he needed 1500 pesos to order supplies, he left soon after. Later in the afternoon Fernando took the aluminero to the house to see the job and of course the clients told him about the aluminero already being there. This is not the first time we have heard of this happening, these scammers are good. If you are doing business with someone you do not know, ask to see their ID and take a picture of it and them. If they are legal they won’t mind you doing it. 

These are the best pics I could get from the video cameras.

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