All too often, one of the first questions people ask, when they decide to do a project is when can you start. Construction is not like a football game, where you have players on the bench just waiting for action. We have several full time crews, that go from project to project. When one finishes, another one starts and of course customers have to wait until a crew is free. It is not like we can move a crew to start a new project, at the expense of a project in process. This means you have to consider planning and timelines in your project. We have had customer say, OK if I give the go ahead can we start next week and be finished by XXX. I have to tell them sorry, but it does not work that way, we need plans to work from and permits to start. Beach front projects and others, require SEMARNAT approvals and those can take 3 or more months. So that also has to be factored in as well. The other thing to consider is, if a builder says he can start right away, it indicates he is not busy and maybe for a reason. Bottom line is this, plan ahead, plan ahead, then plan some more and expect delays in approvals from the various authorities. Things done in a rush are usually not done well. Having a good plan, gives a realistic idea of the timelines involved and the expected results.

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