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Normally we don’t post testimonials, as it is common to post nice comments from friends or just make them up. But this is direct from customers we worked for, renovating a house, including putting a pool on the roof, all via long distance emails. The project is discussed here

Morning Steve

I tried to post on your website but couldn’t.  Thought you could cut and paste this.

We would like to thank Steve and Fernando and the whole crew for the amazing job they have done.  The thought of renovating in a foreign country was a daunting one.  We had a vision and they managed to accomplish it and more. We are thrilled with the workmanship, help and generosity that we received from them.  The constant updates and communication enabled us to feel assured that things were going to be completed as we wanted.  After seeing the final result we were even more impressed. Thanks guys.

Dave and Elaine

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