Ever look inside your Pipes ?

If you have a squeamish stomach, stop reading here. But maybe your stomach gets upset from the water in your home. I realize most people don’t drink house water in the Yucatan or the rest of Mexico, for that matter. But a lot of people do brush teeth in it, bet you won’t when you see the pictures.

Our customer who does not live here full time and rents the property occasionally, called and asked us to look at his toilet as it wasn’t working. Well we took our plumber to take a look and boy were we surprised. Not only were they plugged with saro, but also full of green/black algae and slime.


Remember 1/2 the diameter results in 1/4 of the flow.

This is a problem with pipes not being used often and once you have it this bad, there is really no way to clean them out. So new plumbing is required. There are several systems available to stop the saro from forming, but the algae is a different issue and a problem in stagnant water. You can kill it with a large dose of chlorine in your tinaco, but then the dead stuff gets washed down stream and plugs any sharp bend in the pipe and also all your sink filters. This continues to happen for a long period of time, so replacement is usually easier. But obviously more costly.


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