Water should stay on the outside

The last few days has brought this up again.

Aerocretos de Mexico

images-2 As anyone on the north beach of the Yucatan knows, this week has been windy and wet and not normally so. But, I have also heard lots of people saying, my windows leak, my door lets in water, my roof leaked and so on. But then they go on to say but we are ocean front and that is normal. Sorry folks it is not normal. A properly built home, should not leak, PERIOD! I understand the floors here are tile and the buildings block and concrete, so even if it gets in, it is no real issue, but it should not happen, water should stay on the outside, in anything short of a hurricane.

I will start by talking about doors. Which seems pretty simple, but it is not. If you have a wood front door, sooner or later you may have issues, as the wood shrinks when dry…

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