How to choose a Real Estate Agent (It’s your money, spend it wisely)

Lovely beach home for sale needs a little TLC.

Lovely beach home for sale needs a little TLC.

Mexico is not a totally perfect wonderland and buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases that you may make in a lifetime, unless you happen to collect Ferrari’s.  Even here in the Yucatan, where homes are much more reasonable, you want to enter the process with your eyes wide open.

If you are dreaming of a vacation home or a full time residence in the sun and a laid back lifestyle keep reading.
I think it is important to protect your hard earned money and since real estate involves a lot of money, THINK SMART, don’t get pulled into what seems to be good to be true promises and other wastes of your time and money. I don’t know about you, but my time has value and my money was earned from hard work and I don’t plan on giving either away for no reason. So when you find property or simply start to look, here are some very important questions YOU REALLY NEED TO ASK, your realtor.
  • How many years has your company been in business?  New real estate “companies” open every day, do you want to work with an established company or a “newbie that maybe learning at the customers expense”
  •  How many sales does your company average in a year? It goes without saying that the more experience your realtor has, the smoother the buying and closing process is for you.
  • Can you provide me with referrals and phone numbers of satisfied and repeat clients?
  • How many years have you lived full-time in the Yucatan? A realtor that has only been here for a year or two is not going to have the knowledge of an established company. In addition he will be learning from his mistakes and you do not want to be one
  • How many properties do they have listed, a few of their friends and neighbours?  Or, do they offer homes in all areas and price ranges?
  • Is your company a registered company in Mexico? In order to do business legally in the Yucatan a company must be registered with the government, pay an accountant monthly and report all income received.  Our construction company is registered as an S. de R.L. de C. V. so that all of our business transactions are legal and recorded. A Real Estate Company should be too.
  •  Do they recommend a lawyer or a Notario?  All real estate deals must be researched by a Notario Publico.  This is very different position than a Notary in Canada or the US.
  • Are they a full service company? Will they be there only for the sale? Or will they have a plan for aftercare assistance including bi-lingual concierges, airport pickup, rental car advice, property management, rental assistance; aid you in purchasing, food, furniture and decorative items? And more specifically to us, can they direct you to a construction company, that actually knows the normal methods for building here, that do not offer them referral kickbacks.
  • Another important question is “is this real estate company your only business?” If the answer is “no’ ask them what other businesses they run.  If they are not dedicated real estate professionals, exactly what are they?

Like I always say it is your money and the customer is always right, but we will also tell you when we think your WRONG!

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