Serious food for thought and a big heads up!

images-3For those of you looking for contractors or for those of you that already have contractors, or other hired help, here is something you might really wish to think about, if the help is an expat. Recent changes to INM (immigration) policies, at the highest levels federally, have mandated that they enforce the regulations as a priority. What this means as a home owner, is that YOU are also on the hook, if for some reason persons you have hired, are not legally entitled to work in Mexico and the penalties can be very steep. For the home owner at minimum, a big fine or possibly worse. For the expat working illegally, most likely deportation and INM is now doing random or not so random checks. So think of it this way, you need some work done on your house and a mutual friend says, “hey I can get a crew together and help you with that”. Sounds great but, here is the problem. A local guy walks by and sees your friend “working supervising” the crew and is angry because he used to do that sort of work. All it takes is one phone call and big problems are headed your way. If your friends VISA is the right type to work, in what ever field he is doing work in, no problem at all. But if it is not, look out and INM will only be the first of the agencies that will come to visit you. You will find yourself trying to explain, why you are hiring illegal workers and your friend will most likely be arrested and deported. You can imagine the problems if that person lives here full time, but not on a working type visa or one thats says they can fix cars, not homes. If you are hiring someone, ask them point blank what type of VISA they have and ask to see their paper work, friend or not.  Photo copy what they show you for future reference.

On the other coast. A person not entitled to work was working in a specialty field which needs accreditation. INM officers went to the place of business and asked to see the documentation, which of course he didn’t have, nor did he have a VISA entitling him to work and to top it off he tried to bribe the INM officials. It was an instant go to jail, do not pass go situation. He was charged with a host of serious federal offences and hopefully was deported and not put in a Mexican jail long term.

There have been reports ,in the beach area, of INM officials now coming around to verify the information, addresses etc. given to INM. So it is quite likely if they see an expat working they will ask a few questions, that as the home owner,you had better be prepared to answer.

Edited, Note we have discussed this with a very well know immigration specialist and he gives the same warning.

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