Pintura is expensive

imgresWe get asked from time to time to quote jobs for painting and quite often we hear people respond, thats kind of expensive. Yes painting is expensive, a cubetta  is 19 litres of paint and good paint is around 1200 pesos a cubetta. But before you can paint, walls have to be scraped and patched or if the paint is peeling from a failure of the surface coating then the walls need to be fixed and primed. That all takes time and of course time is money. There is no point in not doing it right or just using cheap paint, as you will need to paint again, sooner than you think and the costs start to add up. If you are painting new concrete, the surface needs to be sealed first or your expensive cubetta of paint will disappear very fast as it sucks into the porous concrete. Just in paint alone the interior of a modest house will take over 10,000 pesos in paint and materials If the surface is new. As several coats will be needed to even out the colours. Then of course there is labour, fuel costs to get back and forth, time to supervise and try and make a profit. No painting is not cheap, but doing it right and using good materials can turn a house into a home.

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